Secrets of Wedding Photographers

wedding photographyWedding photographers should know how to tap into their networks.

Networking is one of the foundations of marketing for wedding photography. If there is one thing that you will really need to learn when you are just starting out your career in the wedding photography niche, it would have to be the skill of learning how to tap into your connections. The trick there is to reach out to your fellow wedding service vendors or professionals while you are covering the weddings that you are able to book. Have your assistant or second shooter go around and ask if you can exchange business cards one way or the other. There are so many benefits and purposes that come along with networking.

The first thing that you will be able to use it for would have to be for your wedding photography blog. It is usually customary for wedding photographers to include a vendor list at the bottom of the blog. The list should have all of the wedding vendors’ names as well as all of the live links that will lead your blog visitors to their sites. This is more of an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” concept. Vendors will be more than happy to return the favor by featuring you in their blogs as well or making sure that you are able to get the referrals that you need one way or the other.

Professional wedding photographers Dublin out there always make sure that they scout the venue of the wedding well ahead of time before the actual wedding day. One of the best practices that experts in wedding photography employ is that they actually make sure that they are able to visit the venue in advance so that they can familiarize themselves with the place and so that they can go ahead and take some practice shots before the actual wedding day event.

Some photographers make it a point to actually include the service in the package as an engagement shoot so that they can practice their shots with the couple as well. This is a great way to introduce your photography style to the couple and to make them more comfortable to be filmed by you. Try to visit the venue at around the same time of the day that the wedding will be taking place so that you will have a better idea of how the light and the shadows will come into play.

Wedding photographers make sure that they never skip the bridals.

If there is one thing that you will have to pay attention to and make sure that you are able to do right, it would have to be the aspect of making the bridals happen. Do not ever skip the bridals in any way, shape or form. You have to remember the fact that when it all comes down to it, the bride is the star of the show. You should keep that kind of knowledge in mind if you want your wedding photography career to thrive. Pose the bride properly and make sure that you are going to go well out of your way to make her look beautiful.

Wedding Photography Business Tips

Capital moneywedding photography tips

If you are more or less setting your sights on starting out a wedding photography business, what you need to prepare for first and foremost would have to be the capital that you will need to start with. If photography is a passion and it is where the entire business idea has sprung from in the first place, chances are, you may already have a camera to begin with. This means that the main and most expensive cost around is already covered and pretty much accounted for. However, there are a lot of other things that you will have to save up for as well. You will need a secondary camera to serve as backup in case something happens to your primary camera in the middle of a wedding shoot. You will need a high quality tripod that will provide you with a stable enough platform for those times when you have to shoot in low light settings. You will need a good range of camera lenses that will enable you to produce a variety of shots with different views or perspectives.

Laptop with editing software

You will need a good and working laptop that is powerful enough to run an editing software for your post shoot process. You will need a variety of other accessories as well such as lens caps, lighting stands, reflectors, and a sturdy padded camera bag that will get to bring everything together one way or the other. The point of the matter is that this is not a cheap business to start and it may take some time before you will ever see a serious return on your investments. Build your savings up bit by bit and really work things out before you decide to jump in and launch a wedding photography business.

Have a steady flow of income

It will also get to help you out a lot if you have a steady flow of income coming in other than what you are earning from your wedding photography business. You have to really be realistic about everything here. Regardless of how passionate you are or how well prepared you are, it really does take a lot of time and experience before you will be able to succeed in running a full scale wedding photography business. Try to start things out as a bit of a side gig or a hobby at first and work on building things up from there. You will see that there are a lot of benefits that come along with it. You do not have to worry about “keeping things afloat” because you are not dependent on your wedding photography business for your basic necessities. It will also give you something to do and something to be busy about while you are waiting for that one big break to hit you that will spring board your business into legitimate earnings at some point. It also helps ward off at that nervous energy that may come across as a bit desperate at times and what some clients may see as being inept.

Work on your strengths

Smart business in wedding photography translates to you banking on the things that you are good at and work on continuously improving your skills. Take a class or so or any additional trainings that can help you get better. Do not entrust the photography side of the business to anyone else when you know full well that you are the person best suited and best skilled for it. However, on the flip side, be honest and quick to identify the things that you are not good at as well. Identify your weaknesses and hire them out. If bookkeeping is not your strongest suit, then by all means, get an accountant.

Why Wedding Photographers Should Go For RAW

wedding coupleYou get sharper pictures with far better details when you film in RAW.

The reason why RAW files are regarded as extremely powerful is because of the fact that it provides wedding photographers with far more editing options than the other formats could ever offer. You see, what happens when you shoot in formats like JPEG and the like is that the camera does its own form of editing at some point and it saves that automatically as the original file. You will have no access to the actual data that has been originally been captured by the sensor at some point. Aside from that, RAW files are extremely powerful when paired up with computer programs such as Aperture and Lightroom. You get to adjust the noise algorithms and other sharpening options. You will ultimately be able to bring out pictures that look crisper and sharper and clearer than ever. This particular kind of luxury is not available anywhere else.

You will get to enjoy editing your photos because it will not ruin the original photo.

RAW also technically offers you the luxury of being able to edit the photos that you are able to capture without ever having to worry that you might end up ruining your original file because RAW files will always protect themselves by making sure that the original file does not ever get touched or altered no matter how many times you initiate your edits. It sill just save a copy of the revised and edited version but it will still keep the original one. JPEG on the other hand will automatically save the new version and let go of the old version. That is why JPEG has such notoriety among wedding photographers. One wrong click and your image is lost forever.

Wedding photographers get better prints with RAW.

A lot of people might think that with the advent of technology and all the improvements in digital imaging, the aspect of actually caring how the prints look like will not really matter that much. However, that is really not the case. You will be surprised how a lot of people still appreciate the novelty that a well produced print picture brings in at some point. When you shoot your images in RAW, you get considerably less banding. Banding can really make the pictures look unappealing. That’s why RAW will always get you the best prints for your photos every single time.

You get access to really efficient workflow with RAW files.

Working as a wedding photographer will mean that the editing process will almost always be on a challenging and time pressured time table. You will need the resource to establish a fairly efficient work flow that will allow you to edit big batches of pictures all at the same time. This is something that can happen if you pair up your RAW files with editing programs fairly compatible to it. You will not have to end up uploading the pictures one by one. That results to a lot of time saved on your end and thus, a quicker turnaround time for your deliverables.