Why Wedding Photographers Should Go For RAW

wedding coupleYou get sharper pictures with far better details when you film in RAW.

The reason why RAW files are regarded as extremely powerful is because of the fact that it provides wedding photographers with far more editing options than the other formats could ever offer. You see, what happens when you shoot in formats like JPEG and the like is that the camera does its own form of editing at some point and it saves that automatically as the original file. You will have no access to the actual data that has been originally been captured by the sensor at some point. Aside from that, RAW files are extremely powerful when paired up with computer programs such as Aperture and Lightroom. You get to adjust the noise algorithms and other sharpening options. You will ultimately be able to bring out pictures that look crisper and sharper and clearer than ever. This particular kind of luxury is not available anywhere else.

You will get to enjoy editing your photos because it will not ruin the original photo.

RAW also technically offers you the luxury of being able to edit the photos that you are able to capture without ever having to worry that you might end up ruining your original file because RAW files will always protect themselves by making sure that the original file does not ever get touched or altered no matter how many times you initiate your edits. It sill just save a copy of the revised and edited version but it will still keep the original one. JPEG on the other hand will automatically save the new version and let go of the old version. That is why JPEG has such notoriety among wedding photographers. One wrong click and your image is lost forever.

Wedding photographers get better prints with RAW.

A lot of people might think that with the advent of technology and all the improvements in digital imaging, the aspect of actually caring how the prints look like will not really matter that much. However, that is really not the case. You will be surprised how a lot of people still appreciate the novelty that a well produced print picture brings in at some point. When you shoot your images in RAW, you get considerably less banding. Banding can really make the pictures look unappealing. That’s why RAW will always get you the best prints for your photos every single time.

You get access to really efficient workflow with RAW files.

Working as a wedding photographer will mean that the editing process will almost always be on a challenging and time pressured time table. You will need the resource to establish a fairly efficient work flow that will allow you to edit big batches of pictures all at the same time. This is something that can happen if you pair up your RAW files with editing programs fairly compatible to it. You will not have to end up uploading the pictures one by one. That results to a lot of time saved on your end and thus, a quicker turnaround time for your deliverables.