Why Photo Booth is Too Awesome to Miss

Surrey photo booth hireYou’ve set your wedding day? Set the guy who’s taking the pictures? All you need is to stay on a diet and spoil yourself for the special day?

There’s one more thing that you absolutely shouldn’t miss! That’s Surrey photo booth hire because we know what you and your guests definitely want to do on that day. Top 4 reasons to get a photo booth!

There’s a use to them!

You can use the pictures as a slideshow for the gusts to enjoy before the party starts. It’s just a time to share the craziness and happiness. You can also create a guestbook or memory book (or whatever you want to creatively call it) and have them glue one of their pictures with lovely or crazy messages for you.

There are even crazier ways to use pictures from the photo booth, but I’ll leave that to you and Pinterest to figure out more. The perks of having a photo booth these days are that you can get the digital files as well as the printout just as immediate. You can then use those pictures for whatever crazy things to entertain everyone else.

Professionally handled

If you get Surrey photo booth hire from the right place, you’ll get some premium service included like the ones from www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire. They really don’t want the couple to even be more stressed out about taking care of the booth as they’ll take care of it themselves.

You can cater when the booth is opened and closed. The cost of hiring one is based on how long they are opened. This flexibility allows you to efficiently allocate the time to have the booth operate. This is a reason that many people say photo booth is not expensive and that’s true. You don’t really have to provide anything else, except for the space at the venue.

More fun!

The photo booth is just fun. There’s nothing better to explain it. You get to get a quick printout of the pictures you just did with your friends. They can be kept or be used to leave some memories for the ones getting married. In the end, you can use it, too and create just some of the craziest memories!

These are pictures that not even your professional wedding photographer can do. Not with the same background and feel!

Once in a lifetime chance

There’s no other chance to get a crazy photo booth shoot in your wedding dress other than on your wedding day. Unless you’re crazy enough to invite all your friends over to your place as you wear your wedding dress to get that shot.

But other than that, this is a real once in a lifetime chance to get this picture. You will definitely be keeping this picture for a long time with your wedding album. Maybe your friends won’t do the same thing, but to you personally, at least, they do mean more than just a picture at a wedding, right?

Don’t miss this chance to get a Surrey photo booth hire and call now to get your quote! The set-up is quick, so it’s never too late to book yours.