The Low Down On Commercial Photography

commercial photography tipsCommercial photography may seem like a really challenging and daunting task at first but it is also something that can be really enticing and a lot of aspiring photographers are prone to it because of the fact that it is something that can be a source of a substantial enough income for people to actually head out and make a living out of it and really start doing it full time and not just as a side gig. Before you get into commercial photography though, you need to make sure that you are really committed to it and will follow through on it one hundred percent.

You will need to really know what you are really doing and you need to be really adamant on following through and being able to more or less deliver things on time. You will need to always be on your feet and you will also need to be prepared to always think on your feet and be on the lookout for anything and everything that can happen. Before you get into this and before you can have any sort of leverage in commercial photography, you will need to have at least a couple of years’ worth of experience tucked under your belt at first.

Commercial photography is basically categorized and split out into four different types. You will need to really grope out and establish your niche at some point before you get any chance of being able to move forward at some point or the other. The four divisions of commercial photography break down into Travel, Fashion, Product, and Advertising. Each of these categories will have their own set of special equipment and special skills required from the commercial photographer. Commercial photography also means that your work output will be displayed in huge national billboards, in glossy and professional magazines and technically used for promoting something at some point in time.

Travel Commercial Photography

This may sound like really glamorous work but it is also something that comes along with a lot of hardwork for commercial photographers. More often than not, you will be working per diem so this means that you will have to work with a really strict and tight deadline. This is almost always outdoors and that means that you will be quite dependent on the weather when it all comes down to it. You should be prepared to always be on the move and to leave at a moment’s notice. You will need to pack light but make sure you get all of the right equipment with you. Always over deliver on what the client requires so that they will be inclined to use you again and again.

Product commercial photography is all about showing a product off and leaves very little room for error.

It also requires a lot of close up shots. You will need to stick with a client’s idea so make it a point to stay well within the theme. One of the most challenges that you will come across with in this leg of photography would have to be the fact that you will see your reflection on most of the products because of the close ups. It is nothing that a  little amount of photoshop will be able to make right though one way or the other.

Fashion commercial photography is the most glamorous niche of the bunch.

It is also usually what is sought after the most. The best way of bring able to break into this would be to establish a really great online presence. You will also need a decent physical portfolio. Disseminate applications out to various magazine editors but signing up with an agency is also a good idea in bringing in clients.

Advertising commercial photography is the last one on the list.

It is the most dynamic one in the list. It changes constantly and if you have any hopes of making strides in it, you might as well make sure that you more or less change with it. This requires a huge amount of product research before you even start off with this. You will need to look at your targeted client base, the current sale trends in the public, and how you will be able to illustrate the benefits that basically come along with the purchase of the product.