Don’t Do This on Your Family Photography Session!

family portraitsAre you about to have your family picture session? That’s exciting!

But, hey, seriously, there are several things that will do you much good if you just avoid them. They’ll even help your photographer is getting better family portraits of yours.

Mothers, chill!

Getting 2-year-old and 4-year-old kids ready for the pictures is a really big job. They just like to run and play and standing still isn’t part of their DNA, yet. This may prompt a mother to try to take over their kids and order them around. It’s part of being a parent and we don’t blame you.

What we want to let you know is that for a family photography session, it’s fine to be wild. It’s a rare occasion where everyone is going to get a picture together and it has to look natural! If your kids want to run along the beach, go on and guide them. If they want to crouch together observing a snail on a leaf in the park, let them have their serious session.

Yet, it’s also important that mothers can keep them together and let them play close to the whole family. Your help is much appreciated as the photographer won’t be able to make them stay when needed.

It’s time for mothers to chill a little and have fun together!

What to wear?

As a family, you might be thinking about wearing a family squad clothes. Honestly, though, just wear something that all of you can be comfortable in. We know that there are some people that simply hate tacky things like that and it’ll show in the pictures.

You can look at some family portraits by and see how the family dress up. Depending on the situation, the family could be wearing something that matches with each other. Sometimes, they simply wear things that they look good in and the picture still come out very nicely.

Remember that you also plan your wardrobe with your photographer. Listen to what he has to say about the dress code and match it with what you have.

I want all these poses

We are not saying that you shouldn’t be making your opinions heard just because your photographer is a professional. However, it’s best that you let your photographer plan out the session and the main poses that you’ll all be doing. There are several reasons for this.

First, you’re not just taking pictures on your own. You’ve hired a pro to get some pictures that will be worthy enough to be printed in large. It has to have the perfect lighting with everyone looking clear in the picture. Your photographer knows better how to do that.

Yet, if there’s anything that the family wants to do, let your photographer know. He’ll arrange something and slip it in the family portraits. Yet, never be too bossy to tell everything your photographer needs to do.

Professionality of your photographer matters a lot in the session, yet, how you act and cooperate will also affect the pictures. If you can become a client that is supportive, it’ll definitely help your photographer to take better pictures.