Everything a Wedding Photographer Essex Must Know About Wedding Rehearsals

wedding photographer EssexWhy is it important to attend the wedding rehearsal of your client? As a professional, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to spend hours in a dinner party that is supposed to be closed and involve close family members of the couple. Would it be a good idea for a wedding photographer Essex to come?

Let’s say that you end up coming as your client really expect to meet you there. What will you do there? How can you add the value of the wedding photography package by being there?

Beginners must attend it

Without a doubt, we urge every beginner in wedding photography to attend wedding rehearsals of their clients. This is the key to be able to shoot as planned and capture moments without missing a single thing. A beginner can practice his shots at the actual place with his actual clients there and practicing like this will really help with the feeling of being nervous.

As a beginner, the more hours you get to spend with your client and this kind of environment, the easier it will be for you to work. You also know the people who will be involved in the wedding party and it will be less awkward to take their pictures later.

Practice the plan

You might have some ideas of what kind of pictures you want to take. But realistically, these are just your imagination that is not yet realized. To make sure that they look good in real life, practicing them will bring you to know the right setting to use and what to anticipate during the wedding. You can also get your client’s opinions on it.

Even the most professional wedding photographer Essex, Justin Bailey Photography will not want to risk things like being overconfident about his own skills. Whenever he can practice some shoots with the clients, he will do it.

Help your clients

Not everyone has experience in taking wedding pictures. It’s almost always a first to every couple out there. By guiding them and showing how you usually work with your clients, it will give them a clue on how to do their best. They won’t be as awkward as the first time and can guess the kind of pictures that you will take.

They listen to directions better than before this way. Not to mention that they will really appreciate your effort of helping them to prepare their wedding by practicing the wedding shots like that.

Forge friendship

Make use of your time there to forge a friendship with your clients and their guests. Exposure is something that you need to constantly seek and doing so may help you meet someone who might hire you for their own wedding photography!

With your clients, a wedding photographer Essex will do well to break the ice and reduce the awkwardness before the wedding day. Get them used to have you around as well as their parents. Some people, especially the elderly, hate to have cameras shoved up their face frequently. Especially if you use flash to capture the moment. But if they know you, they will become more tolerant of you.

Preparation Guarantees Wedding Pictures That Won’t Disappoint

Essex wedding photographerAny Essex wedding photographer knows that nothing can ever guarantee that your client will get the best wedding pictures. Deep inside, you know that it really depends on the situation and also your mental preparation. However, it’s foolish to think that there’s nothing you can do to at least eliminate the chances of disappointment.

A wedding photographer can prepare beforehand to make sure that every job will always result in pictures that are up to the average expectation. Everyone expects you to be perfect, even when that’s impossible. But the least you can do that is presenting something that won’t disappoint.

Taking care of your gears

The first step is to always take care of the equipment that you use. Wiping clean the camera’s lens and also storing them in a safe place is a way to guarantee you won’t be seeing a crack when you plug it into your camera on the next job. You also need to always prepare spare batteries and memory cards.

Whenever things get troublesome, such as your main camera going error, always have a backup ready. That also includes have a backup personnel! Who will replace you in the case that you can’t work on the designated date? When we are suddenly temporary incapacitated or bedridden, we need to still send someone to take the pictures for us.

Prepare a replacement

That someone has to be professional and equally is able to take pictures that at least won’t disappoint. An example of an excellent Essex wedding photographer can be found in www.studiorochford.co.uk.It’s also a good thing to help set up a meeting for the both of them, so the photographer can get a hang of what to do and the client can be rest assured that he’s capable.

Scout the venue

Another important thing in preparation is to get familiar with the place you’re going to work at. Find out positions that will give you the advantage even when it’s crowded. If there’s a place that will pose a problem, you know where it is and you can remind your client about it. Work out solutions to make sure guests and decorations won’t get in the way.

You can also think of the best place to place your lighting equipment to get a better vision during the reception party.

It’s always a good idea to be able to visit this place with your client, but in the case, they can’t come, don’t slack off. Coming by yourself will still give you the upper hand of getting to know the place and prepare yourself.

Discussing things out with your client

It’s also important to talk with your clients everything you need to know about the wedding. Things like what kind of wedding it will be and the itinerary of it will help a lot. It allows you to plan where to go and how long to stay in one place during the event. You’ll have fewer chances of missing things during the wedding as their Essex wedding photographer.

Have the clients mention the special requests they have. For example, they might want to make sure you take a lot of parents’ pictures. Or maybe the married couple want to have several pictures with their grandparents in multiple locations.

Ways An Essex Wedding Photographer Can Take Care Of The Wedding Dress

Roll out a white sheet for the bride whenever you are shooting outdoors as the wedding photographer.

wedding dressThis will help protect the dress. Outdoor shoots can be quite challenging for a wedding photographer but they can be more so for the bride and this is what you need to watch out for whenever you have something that you need to shoot in an outdoor setting. The wedding dress is one of the most iconic things that a bride can hold on to even way after the wedding has come to past. This is something that the bride will be holding on to quite dearly. If you ask her to pose somewhere outdoors and she comes across the high risk of ruining or soiling the dress somewhere in the process, she might not turn out to be as cooperative or as willing as you would like her to be and that can seriously be a problem unless you prepare for it ahead of time. Prepare a roll of white sheet, preferably made of something waterproof such as plastic or tarpaulin so that you can just wipe it down or wash it and dry it off once you are done using it. You can reuse it over and over again so it will not cost you too much money. More than that, it is something that will real

Give the train enough coverage.

The bride opted to include a train in her dress and she made that intentionally. Regardless of what her purpose might turn out to be for the train, whether it was for added impact and effect or whether or was to make her turn out looking demure during the shoot, the point is, she added it there for a special reason and that is something that you should not take for granted as a professional Essex wedding photographer. As much as possible, give a special section for the train of the dress. The train can really make for a dramatic entrance just during that time wherein the bride is about to enter the church doors as well as when she is making her walk down the aisle with the train of her dress trailing behind her, the loose flower petals splayed on the floor moving along with it as the bride continues to walk forward. This is something that the bride might turn out to be very disappointed about if you miss out on providing the train of the dress the kind of coverage that it deserves.

Learn the technique behind positive exposure compensation.

It is something every Essex wedding photographer should know. The wedding dress tends to have a lot of white in it. This is something that the camera might see as potentially problematic for the rest of the photos but luckily enough, you will be able to go ahead and fix this through a little technical background on exposure compensation. Make sure that you get to dial that in when the right time comes for you to use it.