How to Plan a Successful Wedding Photography Edinburgh

wedding photography EdinburghYour wedding pictures are important parts of your wedding. Therefore, you want to do all you can in finding the right wedding photographer for the job. Your wedding photography Edinburgh depends heavily on your choice of your photographer as well as how you plan the day with him.

Plan early

You need to start looking as early as possible because wedding photographers won’t be available forever. Many of them are booked months and even years ahead, so make your choice early before they are taken by other couples! It’s a race, indeed.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be rushed in making your choice. If you start early, you can have more time to consider your choices and make sure that you are choosing the best possible person for you. It’s not supposed to be a reason to just choose whoever that seems okay for you.


Plan what kind of questions you will ask your photographer. These questions have to reflect your needs as well as qualifications and price from the photographer. Take your time and sit down to discuss the questions with your partner. Make sure nothing is missed before you sign the contract with your photographer.

Start with the photographer’s experience in wedding photography. A good photographer should have at least years of experience in doing this and have many works to prove it. You might have gone through their portfolios on their site, which is a good place to narrow down your choices based on the photographers’ style of work.

The wedding photography Edinburgh package that you ask should be customized to fit your needs and this is possible from a professional like Andrew Weild. A good photographer will want to sit and talk with you regarding what kind of services you need from them. They will then think of a way to create something that fits your needs and budget.


Your wedding photographer has to be enthusiastic enough to answer your questions and talk about his current achievements. If he cannot sound confident and upbeat about his job, how can you be sure that he’s going to be the right guy to take your wedding pictures in the far future?

This can be seen from photographers who ask questions in return to make sure he doesn’t miss the details on the wedding. This kind of photographer wants to know all the details, so he can provide the right answer and solution to you.

Work with him

Don’t leave your photographer alone and think that all he needs to do is come and take pictures. A wedding photographer needs to plan out the day, so he can get all the pictures he needs without doubling back or missing out anything. Send him the itinerary a few weeks before your wedding, the latest one, that is. Ask your photographer if there’s anything to ask or problems to address in advance.

Typical professional wedding photographers will tell you how the itinerary can be designed better to fit it your wedding photography Edinburgh in it. They want you to get all the pictures you want and not regret it later and they know where the dangerous traps are.