4 Things Every Photographer in York Ought to Have for the Perfect Shot

photographer in YorkIn order to take memorable photos for those special occasions, there are 4 essential things every photographer in York ought to have for the perfect shot. While there is no real secret that photographers need in order to take amazing photos, these things are the basic fundamentals that every photographer needs to know inside and out.

4 Things Every Photographer Needs to Take the Perfect Shot

  1. Understand ISO

ISO, also known as the International Organization of Standardization, is the main part on the camera that standardizes sensitivity ratings for camera sensors. Increasing the ISO will also increase the grain or pixel size of the photo and can lead to a lot of digital noise. As a general rule a photographer should:

  • Lower the ISO to between 100 to 200 if shooting a photo outside in the middle of the day.
  • Increase the ISO if shooting during night time.
  • If the scene or subject being shot is too dark, increase the ISO between 800 to 1600.
  • If having to use a high shutter speed, a photographer will have to increase the ISO to compensate.
  • If using a low shutter speed, a photographer will have to decrease the ISO to compensate.
  1. Shutter Speed

Being aware of the shutter speed can mean the difference between a blurry photo and a sharp photo. At the end of the day, a photographer in York will have to choose the right shutter speed depending on what type of photo they are trying to shoot. If capturing fast action, it is recommended that a photographer has a shutter speed over 1/500th of a second. This can even be increased to 1/1000th to 1/2000th of a second if needed. However, if a photographer is trying to slow down an image for a dramatic effect, it is recommended to lower the shutter speed to get the effect they desire.

  1. The Importance of Perspective

Perspective is the ultimate goal of most photos being taken. An experienced photographer in York will have to take photos from a perspective of crouching down, lying down or elevated to make their photos more engaging. A photographer can change the perspective of their photos at will, which can lead to an increased dynamic of the image.

  1. Become the Master of Light

Every photographer is a slave to light. Without proper lighting, a photographer is unable to do their work. In order to take a great photo, a photographer will have to understand the many facets of light. They will have to learn how to create it and to seek it. The best way to use light to the advantage of a photo is to go outside during the day or to use the light of the windows. It also helps to have a photo lamp around just in case it is to dark or the sun is hiding behind a blanket of clouds.

There is no end to what a photographer can do in order to have the perfect shot. However, as long as they have the basic essentials of exposure, mastering light, understanding ISO and understanding the importance of perspective, any photographer will be able to master the perfect shot.

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4 Signs You Are A Real Wedding Photographer Dublin Now

wedding photography DublinAre you a wedding photographer Dublin? If you don’t know, do you know how to find out? Look no further! I will tell you here and now the 4 signs that identify you as a for sure Photographer Dublin!

  • Sign One: You Understand How to Build a Business

Business building is vital to your photography world, if it is more than just a hobby. You probably even took a class or studied it on your own for a while. When it comes to business, it’s important to understand every aspect, including finances and money saving.

Chances are, if you fully understand the business, you have more than just one account. You have your deposit for normal bill payments, a savings for advertisement, personal savings and a general business savings for any other business opportunity that may present itself.

You’re probably also very aware of your competitors. Any competition or even potential competition has been marked by you, and you keep an eye on where they rise or fall. Where ever their businesses fall short, yours excels.

  • Sign Two: Spreading The Word

Even inexperienced business owners and workers know that advertisement is the most important technique to growing a business. If you spread the word about your business and advertise regularly, then you are well on your way to a larger income from a booming business.

If you’re a wedding photographer Dublin, then I’m sure you volunteer to photograph at charity events and do various other things to get your name out there and your business recognized as more than just phots.

  • Sign Three: You Have a Unique Portfolio

Your portfolio is where everyone browses to see if your work is right for what they want. Having a portfolio that is unique to you in ways more than just a difference in pictures is very important. It should be personal and well as professional, showing a small glimpse into your life, particularly into what you value as a photographer, and what urged you to become a photographer.

Something that comes through in anyone’s portfolio is their personal preferences and their own styles. If these show in your portfolio, that’s perfectly fine. As I stated, it needs to be a little personal. However, keep it balanced too.

  • Sign Four: You Have a Personalized Style

If you’ve got style in each of your photos, something that makes them individually your own and impossible to be replicated by anyone else, then congratulations- you’ve got your very own style! If you know what your style is, then you also know what it isn’t. Keep to your personal style, and you will be discovered for it.

No matter what your style is, it’s yours. Work with it, and perfect it. The more you work on it, the better and more unique your style can turn out.

Are you a photography Dublin? If not, don’t worry. It just takes some time and practice, but I’m sure you’ll get there. Here’s where you can find an experienced wedding photographer Dublin: https://www.olgahoganphotography.com/ feel free to check out the photos and works here!

5 Things Every Wedding Photographer Lincoln Should Avoid

wedding photographer LincolnIt’s totally understandable why some wedding photographer Lincoln find wedding photography a bit challenging. There are lots of ups and down during weddings and most photographers may not be able to handle all the drama. Being a wedding photographer can be pretty challenging because of the pressure involved.

Being a good wedding photographer Lincoln, you need to know the dos and don’ts of wedding photography. In this article I would be discussing on the 5 things every wedding photographer Lincoln should avoid. They are as follows:

  1. Working without a Signed contract

A contract is a legal document that clearly spells out agreements between two or more persons, in this context, it is an agreement between a client and photographer. A contract should contain agreements between the photographer and client on the scheduling, number of images, style of photography, costs etc. one of the greatest mistakes most wedding photographers make is shooting without a contract. This can be very dangerous. A lot of times, arguments and cases have sprung up from issues of not working with a contract. The effect of not working with a contract is that the terms for shooting in the wedding event is uncertain.

Using Photography Language in Communicating with Clients

Yes everyone knows you are a professional wedding photographer and probably you have masters in photography, but you should note that your client is not. Using lots of photography terms and language to communicate with clients can be a total turnoff for clients. I mean who has time to listen to jargons they don’t understand? Always communicate with your clients with simple words they would understand, this would make your work easier and faster.

Avoid Showing Nervousness

Well weddings can come with a lots of responsibility and pressure but one skill a wedding photographer Lincoln should master is the ability of not showing any form of nervousness. It is important that as a wedding photographer, you need to stay calm and also try to communicate calmly with the couples. Sometimes couples too can be nervous, this isn’t surprising because weddings can be completely overwhelming and the couples may act somewhat rude. Now that’s where your professionalism comes in, just stay calm and focus on giving your best shot.

Always Have a Backup Plan

It’s normal for your camera to get broken or have a technical fault. For every wedding event you work, always put it at the back of your mind to always go with backup equipment just in case. As a professional wedding photographer, you need to be more careful when it comes to wedding equipment. Never ever go to a wedding unprepared.

Improper Dressing

Every wedding photographer should understand that wedding photography is a decent profession. Improper dressing during shooting can send bad signals about you to other potential clients who might see you at the wedding ceremony. Dress to look presentable and smart, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that would allow you work freely.

I hope this guide on the things a wedding photographer should avoid was helpful, however if you want to know more of what to avoid, then stay tuned for more tips and guides on the dos and don’ts of every wedding photographer.

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Three Tips on How to Make Sure Your Wedding Photographer Jacksonville FL Is A Professional

wedding photographer Jacksonville FL There are many people out there who claim to be professional wedding photographers just by having—and walking around with—a camera. Don’t be surprised that most of them are not.

There is a big difference between a professional and an amateur. A lot of work, selfless service, responsibilities, and dedication go into the making of a professional. Of course, all professionals today were once amateurs. And when choosing your wedding photographer, you should not outrightly condemn. Many seemingly “professional” wedding photographers are not professional with their jobs too.

So that you don’t end up a photographer who does not deliver on promises or makes away with your money, here are 3 tips on how to make sure that your wedding photographer Jacksonville FL is a professional.

A Professional Wedding Photographer SHOULD Always Draw Up A Contract

When dealing with a professional wedding photography Jacksonville Fl, the first thing the photographer does after agreeing to cover the wedding is to draw up a contract. The contract states what both parties are getting from the partnership.

Here is the catch. A lot of details go into the contract and you can easily figure out if your wedding photographer is serious or not. If he or she does not include some important details like when you will get your pictures, or what happens if there is a delay on his or her end, then that person is most likely an amateur.

Moreover, drawing up a contract in the first place shows that you mean business.

A Professional Wedding Photographer SHOULD Have A Brand

Someone once said: “If you want to show that you mean business, then register your business.” One way to identify a professional is that the photographer will have a registered photography business. Having a brand, especially a website for your business, like that of wedding photographer Jacksonville FL (https://sarahheddenphotography.com/) shows that you are a professional.

Most couples prefer to hire cheaper wedding photographers rather than expensive ones. The truth most times is that those cheaper photographers do not have licenses to run businesses. This means that they are not heavily invested in their profession. To a professional wedding photographer, his job is full-time; so, he portrays it that way.

Almost all wedding photographers with a registered business would have what is called a liability insurance. This insurance ensures that if any accidents occur during the wedding ceremony, you or your guests are not accountable. Otherwise, if the wedding photographer does not have insurance and someone damages an equipment at your wedding, you would be held liable for the damages.

A Professional Wedding Photographer SHOULD Proffer Solutions and Help with Ideas

When you interview potential photographers, a professional will stand out when you get around to any challenge. A professional understands that you have not had a wedding before and that you might be getting some details wrong. So, he or she is there to help.

He or she, because of their wealth of experience, will be able to give you insights that you can make your decisions with. For instance, you could ask what they did when a fight broke out at a wedding (if he or she had ever been in that scenario before). Or you ask what they did when it started to rain at a wedding. Their responses can help you figure out if your wedding photographer Jacksonville FL is a guru or not.

How to Plan a Successful Wedding Photography Edinburgh

wedding photography EdinburghYour wedding pictures are important parts of your wedding. Therefore, you want to do all you can in finding the right wedding photographer for the job. Your wedding photography Edinburgh depends heavily on your choice of your photographer as well as how you plan the day with him.

Plan early

You need to start looking as early as possible because wedding photographers won’t be available forever. Many of them are booked months and even years ahead, so make your choice early before they are taken by other couples! It’s a race, indeed.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be rushed in making your choice. If you start early, you can have more time to consider your choices and make sure that you are choosing the best possible person for you. It’s not supposed to be a reason to just choose whoever that seems okay for you.


Plan what kind of questions you will ask your photographer. These questions have to reflect your needs as well as qualifications and price from the photographer. Take your time and sit down to discuss the questions with your partner. Make sure nothing is missed before you sign the contract with your photographer.

Start with the photographer’s experience in wedding photography. A good photographer should have at least years of experience in doing this and have many works to prove it. You might have gone through their portfolios on their site, which is a good place to narrow down your choices based on the photographers’ style of work.

The wedding photography Edinburgh package that you ask should be customized to fit your needs and this is possible from a professional like Andrew Weild. A good photographer will want to sit and talk with you regarding what kind of services you need from them. They will then think of a way to create something that fits your needs and budget.


Your wedding photographer has to be enthusiastic enough to answer your questions and talk about his current achievements. If he cannot sound confident and upbeat about his job, how can you be sure that he’s going to be the right guy to take your wedding pictures in the far future?

This can be seen from photographers who ask questions in return to make sure he doesn’t miss the details on the wedding. This kind of photographer wants to know all the details, so he can provide the right answer and solution to you.

Work with him

Don’t leave your photographer alone and think that all he needs to do is come and take pictures. A wedding photographer needs to plan out the day, so he can get all the pictures he needs without doubling back or missing out anything. Send him the itinerary a few weeks before your wedding, the latest one, that is. Ask your photographer if there’s anything to ask or problems to address in advance.

Typical professional wedding photographers will tell you how the itinerary can be designed better to fit it your wedding photography Edinburgh in it. They want you to get all the pictures you want and not regret it later and they know where the dangerous traps are.

Everything a Wedding Photographer Essex Must Know About Wedding Rehearsals

wedding photographer EssexWhy is it important to attend the wedding rehearsal of your client? As a professional, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to spend hours in a dinner party that is supposed to be closed and involve close family members of the couple. Would it be a good idea for a wedding photographer Essex to come?

Let’s say that you end up coming as your client really expect to meet you there. What will you do there? How can you add the value of the wedding photography package by being there?

Beginners must attend it

Without a doubt, we urge every beginner in wedding photography to attend wedding rehearsals of their clients. This is the key to be able to shoot as planned and capture moments without missing a single thing. A beginner can practice his shots at the actual place with his actual clients there and practicing like this will really help with the feeling of being nervous.

As a beginner, the more hours you get to spend with your client and this kind of environment, the easier it will be for you to work. You also know the people who will be involved in the wedding party and it will be less awkward to take their pictures later.

Practice the plan

You might have some ideas of what kind of pictures you want to take. But realistically, these are just your imagination that is not yet realized. To make sure that they look good in real life, practicing them will bring you to know the right setting to use and what to anticipate during the wedding. You can also get your client’s opinions on it.

Even the most professional wedding photographer Essex, Justin Bailey Photography will not want to risk things like being overconfident about his own skills. Whenever he can practice some shoots with the clients, he will do it.

Help your clients

Not everyone has experience in taking wedding pictures. It’s almost always a first to every couple out there. By guiding them and showing how you usually work with your clients, it will give them a clue on how to do their best. They won’t be as awkward as the first time and can guess the kind of pictures that you will take.

They listen to directions better than before this way. Not to mention that they will really appreciate your effort of helping them to prepare their wedding by practicing the wedding shots like that.

Forge friendship

Make use of your time there to forge a friendship with your clients and their guests. Exposure is something that you need to constantly seek and doing so may help you meet someone who might hire you for their own wedding photography!

With your clients, a wedding photographer Essex will do well to break the ice and reduce the awkwardness before the wedding day. Get them used to have you around as well as their parents. Some people, especially the elderly, hate to have cameras shoved up their face frequently. Especially if you use flash to capture the moment. But if they know you, they will become more tolerant of you.

What Is in a Photography Insurance for a Leeds Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographyA Leeds wedding photographer can take a wide variety of photography insurance. An insurance package can protect many things for a photographer and it’s a smart move to make if you are serious about it. But you might want to know more what exactly is included in a photography insurance in general. Each company can have his own package, so be sure to check with yours beforehand!

Business Owner’s Policy

What is in a business owner’s policy? It’s usually a bundle of different things in it and we’d recommend you get this for starters. So, what’s protected if you take this bundle?

Firstly, your properties are covered if they are damaged or have to be replaced with a new one. All your photography equipment can be included in this package such as your cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. How much is covered? It also depends on how much you want. The higher the premium, the higher is the coverage. And the compulsory excess is also lower with higher premium.

It will also cover the damage that you have to pay if, say, you accidentally injure someone with your equipment or damage a property at the wedding venue. The company is willing to cover the damage, legal fee, and even the medical fee that you have to pay up.

The BOP also covers your studio if you have one. It will allow you to rent a new place to continue your business and cover that fee if yours is somehow damaged to the point of unusable.

Professional indemnity

This one ensures that your professionalism is not compromised. It will cover the legal fee and compensation fee if necessary if your professionalism is questioned by your clients. A professional Leeds wedding photographer like www.kmattssonphotography.com will still want to get this insurance because there are always clients trying to give a chance to getting the wedding pictures for free!

Some people think it is not worth it because it doesn’t happen every time. And there are also alternatives when it happens depending on the person. Some photographers prefer to just send the pictures for free to his clients. Others might want to half refund the fee for a peace treaty. However, on the case that you don’t feel it’s fair, you might want to get this insurance.

The insurance company will also give you compensation and lower your premium if you are a loyal customer with few to zero claim issue. You will still have the legal fee covered if you happen to face the problem, but the premium is cheaper by then.

One-day insurance

At the case that you are still a beginner is still tasting the job, you might not want to get a whole insurance package for it. But even for a beginner Leeds wedding photographer, you can get a one-day insurance on the day you work. It will give you the basic protection that every wedding photographer will need.

A wedding photographer shouldn’t come to a wedding without a protection because things happen! If you can anticipate for it, why not?

Choosing Wedding Photography and What to Know

wedding photographer HertfordshireChoosing photography as your main job doesn’t signal the beginning of your career, yet. There are many specializations that you can choose from. It’s important for you to decide early what you want to do, such as a family or wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

The reason for this is because you have to compete with many photographers in the market. Compared to you, many of them have specialized in their job for years and people tend to choose professionals. To compete with these people, you need to be able to provide services that are just as professional.

And with that, let us inform you of the basic things to be informed when choosing wedding photography as your main.

Working in a crowd

As a wedding photographer, you work in a crowd in general. You will have to take pictures of many things at a time and keep your focus during it. You never know when something important is going to happen in it and you have to prepare the whole time. Besides that, there is also the fact that you cannot interrupt the people around you just because you are busy taking pictures.

Depending on your style you will realize how important it is to be able to blend in with the guests while you work. Documentary photographers, for example, find it easier when their clients are not really conscious of them taking their pictures. It can lead them into feeling nervous and the pictures will not come out as good as planned.

Learn from the pros

The next thing we want you to know is that you need to learn the secrets and techniques from pros quick. Our advice would be to be able to work with a professional photographer like www.rafeabrook.co.uk. It’ll definitely help get some quick knowledge and secrets into becoming a proper wedding photographer Hertfordshire. For example, you can learn how to handle clients, how to be discreet while working, etc.


Equipment is the next important topic to be discussed. Each photographer has his own set of equipment he’s used to. You should choose which equipment you like to use as well and think about how that will help you with your work as a wedding photographer. Several things to remember is that the equipment must be compact if it’s meant to be used during the reception.

You also need to get used with the equipment as soon as possible as no one is going to wait for you to figure it out on the spot. You don’t stand there for 15 minutes trying to get the right mode with your clients waiting. Make sure you are used to it before working with them.

Handling customers

Do realize that you don’t always meet with the most ideal customers. There are some who will appear very detailed, demanding or simply weird right off the bat. It is important to show respect to every each of them and does not hesitate to ask questions if you are doubtful. This is a job that will only work if the wedding photographer Hertfordshire work together with the clients on the details. It will ensure the day will go smoothly and all the pictures will be satisfying.

The Secret to Capturing Memorable Wedding Pictures

Jacksonville FL wedding photographyMemorable wedding pictures are the wish of every couple who hire wedding photographers. For the sake of these, they are willing to spend so much money on hiring the right photographers. You, the photographer is the most important piece of this job. If you cannot do the job well, you will have a disappointed couple who might resent you for the rest of their life!

So, how to make sure your Jacksonville FL wedding photography is done correctly?

Know what your client wants

The first step is to know your client and what they want. If you don’t, you’d be like showing a famous impressionist’s artwork to someone with zero understanding of it. It’s pointless to even if you’ve worked so hard on capturing those pictures with the lack of knowing who your clients are.

Engage in a discussion that allows clients to talk and explain about his weddings. It should allow them to tell you what they see in their wedding pictures or maybe show you some of their favorite. You’ll see their taste and you can compare those to the ones you did, see if there’s anything you did that was of a particular favorite to them.

Be creative

Next is to know that no clients will ever want to have their wedding pictures look similar to others. If you know that this model of the picture has been done before, try to come up with something new. Your client might never realize later, but you also cannot guarantee that no one will know about it. It’ll eventually show up in the long-term.

One way to learn this is to find inspiration from others. You can look up for Jacksonville FL wedding photography and we’d recommend you to visit www.sarahheddenphotography.com. Another way would be to take a different perspective of things as it’ll allow you to capture something different even from the same object.

Healthy work habit

Trying to know all your clients’ preferences can be challenging. The same can be said for trying to come up with something new and fresh for wedding pictures with new clients. At times, you’d feel like you’ve used up all the creativity inside your brain.

At that time, though, take a break and don’t stress yourself out. Creativity isn’t something that can be forced, but motivated. It’s not something that you can do about if it’s not working, so it’s best that you look at different things and enjoy different kinds of stuff.

You can also indulge more in photography that you loved. The reason that you took up wedding photography has to be related to how you enjoy taking pictures. If there’s a hobby related to it that you can enjoy, try to do that and come back to the job later. Doing this will also prevent you from losing your determination and passion for Jacksonville FL wedding photography.

Building a healthy work habit will also your brain to churn out enough ideas for your clients. It will also prevent you from getting too tired with thinking about new things and trying to please every client. The secret isn’t really a secret; it’s simply how you deal with your job.

Don’t Do This on Your Family Photography Session!

family portraitsAre you about to have your family picture session? That’s exciting!

But, hey, seriously, there are several things that will do you much good if you just avoid them. They’ll even help your photographer is getting better family portraits of yours.

Mothers, chill!

Getting 2-year-old and 4-year-old kids ready for the pictures is a really big job. They just like to run and play and standing still isn’t part of their DNA, yet. This may prompt a mother to try to take over their kids and order them around. It’s part of being a parent and we don’t blame you.

What we want to let you know is that for a family photography session, it’s fine to be wild. It’s a rare occasion where everyone is going to get a picture together and it has to look natural! If your kids want to run along the beach, go on and guide them. If they want to crouch together observing a snail on a leaf in the park, let them have their serious session.

Yet, it’s also important that mothers can keep them together and let them play close to the whole family. Your help is much appreciated as the photographer won’t be able to make them stay when needed.

It’s time for mothers to chill a little and have fun together!

What to wear?

As a family, you might be thinking about wearing a family squad clothes. Honestly, though, just wear something that all of you can be comfortable in. We know that there are some people that simply hate tacky things like that and it’ll show in the pictures.

You can look at some family portraits by www.dundeephotographystudio.co.uk and see how the family dress up. Depending on the situation, the family could be wearing something that matches with each other. Sometimes, they simply wear things that they look good in and the picture still come out very nicely.

Remember that you also plan your wardrobe with your photographer. Listen to what he has to say about the dress code and match it with what you have.

I want all these poses

We are not saying that you shouldn’t be making your opinions heard just because your photographer is a professional. However, it’s best that you let your photographer plan out the session and the main poses that you’ll all be doing. There are several reasons for this.

First, you’re not just taking pictures on your own. You’ve hired a pro to get some pictures that will be worthy enough to be printed in large. It has to have the perfect lighting with everyone looking clear in the picture. Your photographer knows better how to do that.

Yet, if there’s anything that the family wants to do, let your photographer know. He’ll arrange something and slip it in the family portraits. Yet, never be too bossy to tell everything your photographer needs to do.

Professionality of your photographer matters a lot in the session, yet, how you act and cooperate will also affect the pictures. If you can become a client that is supportive, it’ll definitely help your photographer to take better pictures.

Avoid Wedding Pictures Failures: 5 Effective Ways

wedding photographer BelfastWedding pictures epic fails are some of the most hilarious things to look at, but the scariest things to occur if you’re preparing for one. People go through years of preparations to make sure that the special day is going to go as smooth as planned. Yet, you never know when you, guests, the venue or your wedding photographer Belfast will suddenly screw up!

The best solution is always prevention. Before anything happens, by making sure that problems won’t be too huge to handle on that day, you can, hopefully, avoid the most embarrassing wedding picture of the year title.

Avoid amateurs and hobbyists

In an attempt of saving your budget, not hiring a professional isn’t an option. Be reminded that whenever you let someone that is not experienced and trained, you are bound to gain low and disappointing results. There’s no need to even consider it. If someone was never trained to do the job, what makes you think that just anybody with a camera can become a wedding photographer?

Don’t stress out

Stressing out can cause hormonal fluctuations and can cause irregular eating habits and puts you on edge. You may experience insomnia, which can further increase your weight as your metabolism loses its balance. Rest is important if you want to stay healthy and prime for your wedding dress.

Don’t make this happy occasion into something stressful to your mind. Enjoy the whole process and remember that it’s a day you want to spread the happiness to as many people as possible. That natural happiness is also what your photographer needs.

Find real professionals

Another way to secure professional and aesthetically stunning work is to secure a professional photographer. Be sure to start looking early, because professionals don’t stay vacant for long. You should try visiting www.cathmackenzie.com if you need a wedding photographer Belfast.

A professional doesn’t only mean he has a good photographer’s eye. He also has the ability to tackle incoming problems that may prevent you from reaching those beautiful wedding pictures. Years of experience can really make a lot of differences in how things can turn out.

Not communicating well

A lot of misunderstandings between clients and photographers could’ve been avoided if both had communicated things clearly from the beginning. This kind of small disputes can cause disturbances in the process. It’ll take your precious time, photographer’s eagerness and also your own performance.

During your consultations, discuss the photography as long as you want without leaving a thing unanswered. If both sides are clear about what is needed to be done, disputes can be avoided. Be sure that what you’ve discussed are also stated the same on the contract before you sign.

Location matters!

A professional photographer can take beautiful pictures wherever they go. It all depends on angles and skills, but there’s no doubt that location still matters. At least, for you.

If you want your picture to appear in a certain tone and vibe, it’s important to consider the place where you want the pictures to be taken. If you want them to be relaxed and carefree, your venue should be a barnyard or family house style. Discussing this with your wedding photographer Belfast is also important.

Preparation Guarantees Wedding Pictures That Won’t Disappoint

Essex wedding photographerAny Essex wedding photographer knows that nothing can ever guarantee that your client will get the best wedding pictures. Deep inside, you know that it really depends on the situation and also your mental preparation. However, it’s foolish to think that there’s nothing you can do to at least eliminate the chances of disappointment.

A wedding photographer can prepare beforehand to make sure that every job will always result in pictures that are up to the average expectation. Everyone expects you to be perfect, even when that’s impossible. But the least you can do that is presenting something that won’t disappoint.

Taking care of your gears

The first step is to always take care of the equipment that you use. Wiping clean the camera’s lens and also storing them in a safe place is a way to guarantee you won’t be seeing a crack when you plug it into your camera on the next job. You also need to always prepare spare batteries and memory cards.

Whenever things get troublesome, such as your main camera going error, always have a backup ready. That also includes have a backup personnel! Who will replace you in the case that you can’t work on the designated date? When we are suddenly temporary incapacitated or bedridden, we need to still send someone to take the pictures for us.

Prepare a replacement

That someone has to be professional and equally is able to take pictures that at least won’t disappoint. An example of an excellent Essex wedding photographer can be found in www.studiorochford.co.uk.It’s also a good thing to help set up a meeting for the both of them, so the photographer can get a hang of what to do and the client can be rest assured that he’s capable.

Scout the venue

Another important thing in preparation is to get familiar with the place you’re going to work at. Find out positions that will give you the advantage even when it’s crowded. If there’s a place that will pose a problem, you know where it is and you can remind your client about it. Work out solutions to make sure guests and decorations won’t get in the way.

You can also think of the best place to place your lighting equipment to get a better vision during the reception party.

It’s always a good idea to be able to visit this place with your client, but in the case, they can’t come, don’t slack off. Coming by yourself will still give you the upper hand of getting to know the place and prepare yourself.

Discussing things out with your client

It’s also important to talk with your clients everything you need to know about the wedding. Things like what kind of wedding it will be and the itinerary of it will help a lot. It allows you to plan where to go and how long to stay in one place during the event. You’ll have fewer chances of missing things during the wedding as their Essex wedding photographer.

Have the clients mention the special requests they have. For example, they might want to make sure you take a lot of parents’ pictures. Or maybe the married couple want to have several pictures with their grandparents in multiple locations.

How to Find Your Professional Natural Wedding Photography Service

natural wedding photographyIn wedding photography, one of the most important characteristics in the picture is: natural. They cannot be looking like the people are being forced to smile to the picture. Awkward expressions are also to be avoided unless it adds value and meaning to the pictures.

How to find a professional natural wedding photography service? With so many photographers talking about how they’re providing ‘the best’ service, it’s important that you know how to spot them out, too.


The portfolio is the easiest way to see if a photographer is up to the task. Natural expressions have to exist in the pictures, especially in the faces if the brides and grooms. You shouldn’t be convinced by just a couple of pictures online; remember to ask the photographer to bring even more pictures over. You need to decide the skill based on as many pictures he’s taken, so you’ll be able to judge with less bias.

The best pictures to judge is the one taken under the daylight. Natural can also refer to the minimal use of artificial lighting. That is only possible if the environment is bright enough to have pictures taken without having to blast a huge flash on the subjects. Trying to even out the bright shades of the subject under the scorching sun is also a challenge, but that’s the challenge that natural wedding photographer has to face.

How they take the pictures

You can also ask them how these pictures were taken. There’s no other way for you to find out except asking them directly. If they’re telling the truth, the flow of the explanation would be seamless. For example, a professional natural wedding photography service by www.bohochicweddings.co.uk is always done as if the photographer is undercover. No one should be bothered by his existence.

Photographers have to blend in with the crowd and take those pictures in the right distance. Yet, they cannot have people to stand the way he wants; it’s up to him to capture those moments from the right place, at the right time.

Experience as a photographer

Without a doubt, the ability to expect what will happen and agility to switch and snap can only be cultivated with years of training and working in the field. A wedding photographer has to be dedicated to the job to deliver the best results.

Years of service can become a proof if coupled with constant positive reviews and ratings. You can contact up with past customers or read those reviews from the site.

Yet, it’s not everything

It’s important, but it’s definitely not something that governs the things your photographer can do. For example, what if you need a group picture to be taken during the wedding? It obviously won’t look that natural being a formal-styled photography.

Don’t let your photographer excuse out of his way just because he can only do natural wedding photography. That’s not a professional, but rather, someone who’s not determined to overcome his weaknesses and figure out how to further satisfy clients.

While it’s important, it shouldn’t be the reason to ditch all pictures that don’t have a natural essence in them.

Why Photo Booth is Too Awesome to Miss

Surrey photo booth hireYou’ve set your wedding day? Set the guy who’s taking the pictures? All you need is to stay on a diet and spoil yourself for the special day?

There’s one more thing that you absolutely shouldn’t miss! That’s Surrey photo booth hire because we know what you and your guests definitely want to do on that day. Top 4 reasons to get a photo booth!

There’s a use to them!

You can use the pictures as a slideshow for the gusts to enjoy before the party starts. It’s just a time to share the craziness and happiness. You can also create a guestbook or memory book (or whatever you want to creatively call it) and have them glue one of their pictures with lovely or crazy messages for you.

There are even crazier ways to use pictures from the photo booth, but I’ll leave that to you and Pinterest to figure out more. The perks of having a photo booth these days are that you can get the digital files as well as the printout just as immediate. You can then use those pictures for whatever crazy things to entertain everyone else.

Professionally handled

If you get Surrey photo booth hire from the right place, you’ll get some premium service included like the ones from www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire. They really don’t want the couple to even be more stressed out about taking care of the booth as they’ll take care of it themselves.

You can cater when the booth is opened and closed. The cost of hiring one is based on how long they are opened. This flexibility allows you to efficiently allocate the time to have the booth operate. This is a reason that many people say photo booth is not expensive and that’s true. You don’t really have to provide anything else, except for the space at the venue.

More fun!

The photo booth is just fun. There’s nothing better to explain it. You get to get a quick printout of the pictures you just did with your friends. They can be kept or be used to leave some memories for the ones getting married. In the end, you can use it, too and create just some of the craziest memories!

These are pictures that not even your professional wedding photographer can do. Not with the same background and feel!

Once in a lifetime chance

There’s no other chance to get a crazy photo booth shoot in your wedding dress other than on your wedding day. Unless you’re crazy enough to invite all your friends over to your place as you wear your wedding dress to get that shot.

But other than that, this is a real once in a lifetime chance to get this picture. You will definitely be keeping this picture for a long time with your wedding album. Maybe your friends won’t do the same thing, but to you personally, at least, they do mean more than just a picture at a wedding, right?

Don’t miss this chance to get a Surrey photo booth hire and call now to get your quote! The set-up is quick, so it’s never too late to book yours.

Wedding Photography: Thinking of Backing out of a Pre-wedding Shoot? Don’t.

wedding photographer BristolTo many people, weddings are the most important events in life; even more important than birthdays and the day you land your dream job or buy your first car. It’s something out of a fantasy and romantic book for many – the utter knowledge that you are about to settle in with your prince-charming and the love of your life is an absolutely unparalleled experience.

It’ll be devastating then to find out days or weeks later that because you developed cold-feet and you were tense, your wedding pictures were vapid, flavourless and unpleasant. Or that your photographer found it difficult to communicate with you and took some of the worst pictures ever taken. You see where I’m going with this? Moreover, wedding days are usually tense and stressful not to say the least.

You want your wedding pictures to be radiant, astonishing, mind-blowing and full of life, and it starts with pre-wedding photos. Pre-wedding shoots are gradually becoming the norm today seeing the amount of creativity people put into them and you want in on some of the action.

So, if you have never considered taking a pre-wedding shoot or you are thinking of withdrawing from one, think again. Here are some reasons why pre-wedding photos are beneficial.

First off, think of pre-wedding photos as rehearsals before the carol.

Without rehearsals, the choir will get on stage, sing out of tune and ruin everybody’s Christmas. Pre-wedding shoots afford the opportunity of “rehearsing”. You get to do all you want and learn how to be comfortable before a camera. Wedding shoots aside, a lot of people are generally shy even when taking casual photos with friends. Flexing your muscles weeks before the wedding will go a long way in helping you bring out your best on your wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoots let you know your photographer, his/her skills and experience level.

More importantly, it builds connection and trust between you and your photographer. It’s a great deal of comfort when you are aware that a familiar and competent wedding photographer Bristol is taking your wedding pictures. Relaxing even.

  • Apart from you getting to know your wedding photographer Bristol, pre-wedding photos afford him/her the benefit of knowing you and your spouse. Before the wedding, he already knows the intricate chemistry between the two of you, the poses and angles you are most comfortable in, if he needs to say a couple of jokes to bring out that radiant smile and all he needs to do to get the best out of the both of you.
  • Those beautiful and captivating pre-wedding photos can then be added onto your stationery and invites, adding another layer of exquisiteness to the overall wedding. Imagine sending out invites, favours and place cards with stunning pre-wedding photos printed on them. Oomph!
  • If anything, pre-wedding shoots give you and your partner some personal time to be as creative as possible without the hassle of invited guests. Your wedding will most likely be inundated with family, friends and friends of friends. With pre-wedding photos in the works, you and your partner have all the time in the world to do the crazy things and attempt sexy and romantic poses you have always wanted with the help of Duncan Mein Photography.